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Introducing Our New Website!

We Are Proud To Showcase Our New Site Just like our designs and products, the online world is ever changing and so we decided to give our website a new facelift. Courtesy of Blue Cow Digital we have a new online store from which you can browse and order your favourite products – right from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone. The refreshed website, unveiled in 2024, serves as a digital storefront for…

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Formica Finishes – Choosing The Right Style

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Formica Finish In the ever changing landscape of interior design and home improvement, choosing the right materials is paramount. This is especially true if you want a great finish and consistency across your rooms to give a natural flow between spaces. Typically the most used surfaces are within the kitchen and bathroom. Formica stands out as a highly versatile, durable and affordable option. With a myriad of options available…