Formica Finishes – Choosing The Right Style

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Formica Finish

In the ever changing landscape of interior design and home improvement, choosing the right materials is paramount. This is especially true if you want a great finish and consistency across your rooms to give a natural flow between spaces. Typically the most used surfaces are within the kitchen and bathroom. Formica stands out as a highly versatile, durable and affordable option. With a myriad of options available in the market, selecting the right one can be a daunting task. However at Plastics & Veneers, our team has years of experience to dealing with high quality laminate products! Fear not, as we explain the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect finish for your product.

A sample book of worktops.

With a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from the sky is the limit with the Formica range.

1. Purpose and Function

Firstly, understanding the primary purpose and function of your surface is the start of the decision making process. Are you looking for countertops that can withstand heavy daily prep use in the kitchen or would you like a decorative touch to make an accent wall stand out in your bathroom or ensuite piece? Knowing what the surface will be used for will help narrow down the options and ensures that you choose a Formica product that aligns with your specific needs. Say goodbye to damaged surfaces and worktops. All Formica products have a special protective coating that extends the lifespan against wears and tears.

2. Design Aesthetic

Formica offers a wide range of designs and finishes, catering to various design preferences and styles. If solid plain colours are your choice we have a variety of hues to choose from. Perhaps you like the natural look of a wood grain finish or the sleekness and style of a brushed metal appearance. Whatever the appeal and taste, the Formica range has you covered. Consider the overall design aesthetic of your spaces and choose a product finish that complements or enhances the visual look you are aiming for. There are a wide variety of materials to select from including standard colours, wood grains, metals and embossed patterns. The sky is the limit when it comes to customisation.

3. Durability And Maintenance

A massive advantage of Formica products is their durability and resistance to wear and tear, with the surfaces being able to last for years. However different products within the Formica range may have varying levels of durability. If the surface is likely to encounter spills, enhanced heat, or heavy use from utensils, then you can opt for a high-pressure laminate otherwise known as a HPL. Alternatively, a low-pressure laminate, or LPL for short are suitable for less demanding environments where simple cleaning and wiping can be applied. Additionally, consider the ease of maintenance – some Formica materials are easier to look after than others, while others require a little more attention and care with specialised cleaning products.

4. Budget Considerations

Formica products offer an affordable alternative to natural materials without compromising on quality. Establishing a budget for your project beforehand will help you navigate the various options within the Formica range. Fortunately, the Formica range offers several cost-effective solutions that cater to a spectrum of budgets, allowing you to achieve a stylish and durable finish without breaking the bank.

5. Application And Installation

Different Formica products are designed for specific applications. Some are ideal for horizontal surfaces like countertops, while others are better suited for vertical applications like cabinetry or wall paneling. Ensure that the Formica product you choose is recommended for the intended application. Additionally, consider the installation process – most Formica products are DIY-friendly but there are other builds and materials that may require professional installation.

6. Make An Environmental Consideration

For environmentally conscious consumers, Formica offers eco-friendly options. Look for Formica products certified by recognized sustainability organizations. These products often feature recycled materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, providing a responsible choice for your project and allowing you to help contribute tackling the climate and environmental crisis.


Choosing the right Formica product involves a thoughtful evaluation of your specific needs, design preferences budget constraints and careful execution. By drawing up a budget and also being aware of environmental issues, you can confidently navigate the extensive Formica product range and find the perfect surface for your project. With Formica, you’re not actually just choosing a surface – you’re selecting a reliable, stylish, and enduring decorative addition to your space. Need expert advice from a leading supplier of Formica products? At Plastics & Veneers, we are experts in providing high quality surfaces and worktops. Simply get in touch with our team and we can sit down and run through your requirements. Before you do why not have a good browse at our range of Formica products and pick a finish to suit your decor.